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We have seen a lot of charity events in press and visual media! Donating clothes to homes! Key hand over ceremony of houses built by charity! Cloth donation to orphans or street kids or refugees. Where people line up and being photographed recieving charity articles! We praise and appreciate the donors and give them a big applause!

But what many of us miss is the plaight of the people who receive the charity! Their shame, their agony, their helplessness while their dignity is being destroyed before a large audience! They’re faceless for many!
But it touched a few people! They believed the people at the recieving end also has dignity as much as the donors do! Charity donors need not be a mindless sheer exhibition of grandeur on the account of human dignity of the recipient!

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So, they decided to do something! That was the founding stone of Anveshi Foundation. Charity is not an excuse to damage Human Dignity. Charity is, and should be n act of philanthropy rooted on equality and stemmed from respect to fellow humans. That should not be proclaimed before huge masses. That should not be used as a tool to create image of grandeur and social status!

Inspired by this philosophy, 47 individuals from across various states of India such as Kerala , Karnataka Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Goa, Delhi, Gujarat, Chattisgarh, Meghalaya and Nagaland founded a charity non-profit organisation and named it “Anveshi Foundation” in the year of 2014 headquartered in Kalkaji, Delhi.

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The founders did not seek any external donations when the organisation is founded. They put aside money from their own income ranging from a mere 2% to as high as 60% to run anveshi and achieve it’s mission.

The founders had identified when we began the journey that the root cause of extreme poverty in people is lack of education about wealth and the the ways to create it. So they started educating people from a very grass root level! Began from vagabond children and kids of street dwellers, now The activities span across various sections of society such as Adivasi (Aboriginal/ Indigenous) children and refugee children and children and young adults from all the marginalized sections of the society!

We have seen a lot of people begging or asking for monetary help! But a large number of people are hesitant in asking for money or material aid! They don’t ask for it because they feel it will destroy their dignity and self esteem! But it doesn’t make them any less of needing help from those who ask for it. They require utmost compassion and help while respecting their dignity and self esteem!
Anveshi give special emphasis to these kind of people. As in any act of charity done by the organisation, Anveshi does not show them or parade them before any audience or in any charity gala. They are made remaining unknown to the public while being recipients of their utmost needed help.
But it does not mean that there is no transparency in the charity supply chain. Anveshi promptly file it’s audit report and tax returns with all the details of its donors and recipients of charity to the government and to the regular patrons of its mission.

From the humble beginning, we have grown into operating across India on various sections of society. That made the funds set aside by the founders inadequate to meet all our requirements of operations. now we have grown into a large ocean of requirements in the mission and field of our operations. A large population of our recipients cannot thrive solely by the kindness of our founders alone. Because of that reason, we are forced to come before you, the public.
We are a registered Non-profit charity organization under section 501 C(3). That makes us trustworthy by the public and the government alike.

So you can make sure your charity donations are going to the exact appropriate recipient, always! In addition to that, we send a detailed and verifiable report to any prestigious donor when they require one. So that you can make sure that your silent gestures of kindness are rightly going to the right recipient.

If you appreciate what we think and agree with us please consider donating!

Please note:
No cash donations are accepted in person. no personal is appointed to collect donations anywhere! All donations are accepted through bank account only!

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